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NATIONAL AUDITORIUM, MADRID. (November 4th, 2012).

Mie Matsumura is a concert pianist of major stature who not only performs the standard
piano repertoire but also the Spanish classical music. Her career has flourished after the
discovery the latter, with which she confesses she fell in love.

The Japanese pianist put her masterful technique and sensible taste throughout the
performance without any sense of exaggeration.
The contrast between the moments of tension and release was magnificent, such as in
the fast section of the Montañesa and the slow section of the Cubana, which Matsumura
played with subtle rubato that ebbed and flowed in a way that was faithful to the
score. In Granados, Matsumura scored 100 out of 100, surprising us with her ability to
control the rapid scales of Los requiebros and with beautiful sound, for example at the
beginning of La maja y ruiseñor which was almost jazzy, and the elegant trill of the bird
call and the immitation of the guitar in Serenata del espectro.

Matsumura amazed us from the first note of the sonata "Sanlúcar de Barrameda", op.
122, by Joaquín Turina. The techinical difficulty of this work is quite frightening,
which explains why it is not performed very often; however, that was not the case
for Mie Matsumura. She showed her strength in the transparency and the color in
the complicated passages, and the precise rhythm converted the music to something
hypnotic that let one's imagination go freely
throughout the entire work. There are two examples of this. One was the tone painting
in the third movement (La playa), which was spectacular. With the use of the full pedal,
the eerie echo of the sound filled the air, as if a storm was about to break open. The
other was the fourth movement (Los Pescadores en bajo de Guía). Her dynamic playing
always had the highest possible level of clarity. In other words, this marvellous work
was performed in an ideal way.

Music magazine “Mundo Clasico” Samuel Gonzales Casado.


The “Serenata Andaluza” of Matsumura fascinated the audience.

The public was witness yesterday of one of the best shows during the last five years. The great concert made the audience fascinated from the first moment, and the performance of each piece was intensely applauded. The virtuouso Japanese pianist performed in an exceptional way the selection of works of three of the more emblematic Spanish composers like Manuel de Falla, Granados and Albéniz.

El Pueblo de Ceuta Newspapers. (July 5th, 2010.)


Villamarta Theatre/Flamenco Festival of Jerez ( March 4th, 2010)

The challenge, anyway, was very ambitious and the crossroads between the classical music and the classical flamenco fulfilled beyond the expectations…

The higher level of the staging was in “El Puerto”, where the Spanish articulation of Albéniz taken refuge in the fingertips of the pianist while the “pas de deux” of Canales and Leal was a subtle flirtation embedded within the brilliant notes of Matsumura.

Francisco Sánchez Múgica Diario de Jerez (March 5th 2010)




The oriental piano revives Antonio Canales.

It is not always necessary to use so many scenic resources to achieve the well-balance crux in a musical show. That was happened yesterday in the Villamarta Theatre of Jerez, during the XIV Jerez Festival.

The musical transition was perfectly connected with the piece “the fandango del Candil”. Here the Japanese pianist could show her ability on the keyboard.

Patricia Moreno Jerezjondo.com (March 5th, 2010)



The Japanese pianist Mie Matsumura carried out a deep work of reflection and research.

The elegance and the virtuosity of the pianist wrap the classical and flamenco dance of Leonor Leal and Antonio Canales, transported for the delicate sound of the Mie’s instrument, performing pieces of Manuel de Falla, Granados and Albéniz.

This original interpretation makes you desire to listen or return to listen to the works of the great Spanish composers.

Murielle Timsit (Flamenco-culture.com March 2.010)


Another good part of Spanish music. This time passed through the Japanese sieve of Mie Matsumura. Let’s see if our Spanish folklore, flamenco and classical music are going to be universal.... yes it will be.

She is a pianist with a solid background, extraordinary technique, and oh surprise, unusual compás to carry an entire flamenco group with her keyboard, like a general of the army.

Matsumura planed a concept to connect together the precious and virtuous piano pieces of Spanish nationalists (such as Granados, Falla, and especially Albéniz), with some of the most traditional flamenco styles (malagueña, alegrías, bulerías, and fandangos).

It is a spectacle with so many carats. The night like this can not finish when we leave the theatre… We always want more…

Pablo San Nicasio from web magazine Deflamenco.com (25 May, 2009)



Like a deep sigh, full of elegance, the piano of the Japanese pianist Mie Matsumura sounded from the first moment of the show “Serenata Andaluza”, represented on 2 April at the Canovas Theatre in Malaga, within the cycle “Flamenco Viene del Sur”. The piano holds much of the weight of this assembly with great success, to join the classical composers Falla, Albeniz and Granados, the flamenco repertoire, a proposal which some of these improved and in many respects exceeded its already held 2007 release at the Teatro Lope de Vega de Sevilla. The interpretation of Mie Matsumura, clean and precise, sometimes passionate and energetic beyond all sweetness and romanticism, always metronomic and a deep sense of rhythm, it is seen as a way of thinking and sounding these works as perhaps never before were heard, allowing the perfect combination with the other artists involved in the concert-show.

Francis Mármol from the magazine “La Flamenca” (May 2008)



The better of the night was gazing at the main artist of the show... Mie Matsumura, with a spectacular touch, using the pedal in the great way and consisting the music which is authentic from south of Spain of “Serenata Andaluza” of Falla or “El Puerto” of Albeniz.

Marta Carrasco ABC Newspaper (May 25, 2007)


"Everything is elegant, splendid, refined; very beautiful."

Manuel Bohorquez El Correo de Andalucia (May 25, 2007)


"Mie demonstrated not only she is a pianist with the great level, but she also knows how to impregnate the score with the flamenco feeling..."

Rubén Gutiérrez, from the magazine Deflamenco.com (May 25, 2007)


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